Athletics 2015

Club Captain: Jack Webber FH/W
Boys' Captain: Harry Bodington OH/W
Girls' Captain: Holly Keevil GH/W
Boys' V Captain: Austin Robertshaw P
Girls' V Captain: Millie Blackmore GH

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Regional B Finals at Yeovil

- the schools ranked 8 to 16 in the Western half of the country (Cornwall, up to Hereford and across to Hampshire and Berkshire).

Junior Boys - finished 4th, achieving more points than they did in winning the County round. The whole team performed to a very high standard and were extremely well behaved and supportive of each other throughout the day.

Notable points / times: Miles Lawler (43.6s 300m, 20pts), Will Kennaugh (TJ 9.96m (18pts) and 14.3s in Hurdles; 18pts), Jake Le Gassick (13.8s in Hurdles, 20pts), Byron Knowles (1.47m in HJ, 19pts), George Vickery (26.70m in Javelin, 19pts)

Inter Boys - finished 2nd. All the more remarkable considering the pupils missing. As with the Junior Boys, excellent standard, exemplary behaviour - and they were revising in between events.

Notable points/ times: Will Klinkenberg (39.2s 300m, 25pts and 12.52m in Shot, 24pts), Dan Hoaen (41.8s 300m, 19pts), Archie Stoneman (2m05 800m, 23 pts), Karl Still (4m24 in 1500m, 22 pts), Bertie Frankpitt (12.4s Hurdles, 23 pts), Ben Clarke (1.65m HJ, 21 pts), Oscar Kolowski (1.56m HJ, 18 pts), Charles Foster (12.05m in Shot, 22 pts), Josh Oliphant-Thompson (29.05m in Discus, 20 pts)

Inter Girls - finished 6th, but again scored more points than in winning the County round. Girls were extremely helpful, setting up all the hurdles and being thanked by the organiser, as well as revising in between events.

Notable points / times: Tash Finchett (9.79m in TJ, 20 pts and 13.7s in 100m, 19pts), Grace Belcher (28.9s in 200m 17 pts and 20.52m in Javelin, 17pts), Millie Eaton-Jones (46.8s in 300m), Mantha Unsworth White (13.2s in Hurdles, 21pts) (Ennea Miller Hunt 14.2s in Hurdles, 17 pts, 1.38m HJ, 17 pts), Lucy Walliker (1.59m in HJ, 24 pts), Annabel Sexton (23.07m in Javelin, 20 pts)

Exeter Schools v East Devon Schools

Congratulations to the Athletes below who have been selected to represent Exeter Area Schools in the Trial Match against East Devon Schools at Yeovil on Wed 14th May.

Following this, athletes will be selected to represent Exeter and East Devon at the Devon Schools Championships on 14th June.

Junior Girls   Junior Boys
Hurdles Mantha Unsworth-White Hurdles Jake Le Gassick
Jack Armstrong Williams
100m Jodie White 100m Will Scripps
Oscar Kolowski
200m Anna Gabbitass
Grace Belcher
Millie Eaton-Jones
200m Byron Knowles (plus High Jump)
800m Millie Attwell
Kinna Yewdall
800m Miles Lawler
1500m Serena Mundy 1500m Jack Klinkenberg
Long jump Anna Gabbitass Triple Jump Henry Olsen
Jake Le Gassick
Javelin Immy Hamilton-Green Javelin Josh Oliphant-Thompson
George Stubbs
Inter Girls Inter Boys
Hurdles Ennea Miller Hunt Hurdles Bertie Frankpitt
100m Tash Finchett 100m Justin Hung
Long Jump Tash Finchett 200m Will Vickery (plus Long Jump)
High Jump Lucy Walliker
Ennea Miller Hunt
400m Will Klinkenberg
Triple Jump Lucy Walliker 800m Archie Stoneman
  1500m Karl Still
3000m Dougal Glaisher
High Jump Ben Clarke
Triple Jump Karl Still
Shot Charles Foster
Will Klinkenberg
Discus Jacob Hung


Meets & Results

Exeter & East Devon Schools

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Lutra Shield (Yeovil Track)

Lutra Shield Meet
1st Millfield 511
2nd Blundell's 492
3rd Taunton 459
4th Dauntsey's 426
5th Wellington 424
6th= Sherborne

On Saturday 10th May, Blundell’s travelled to Yeovil for the prestigious Lutra Shield Competition. This event, for U20 Senior Boys only should favour the larger schools and is contested annually. Each school has to field 3 competitors in each event and points are scored based on position.

This year, the sunshine seemed to really bring out the best of the Blundell’s boys, particularly with so many younger boys making their debuts. There were some outstanding performances with 1st places secured by Paddy Canterbury (400m A string), Karl Still (1500m B String), Arthur Friend (110m Hurdles B String),  Austin White (Discus C String) and Cam Seymour (Triple Jump C string). In addition numerous athletes recorded new lifetime bests in their events, the highlights including Jack Webber (100m and 200m), Austin Robertshaw (200m), Paddy Canterbury and Will Klinkenberg (400m), Ollie Clarke, Ed Barlow and Harry Bodington (1500m), Jack Friend and Karl Still (1500m).

The combined performances of the whole team ensured that Blundell’s finished as Runners-Up – the first time the school has received this trophy as far as we can recall. The boys were a credit to the school throughout the day.


  • U6 - Jack Webber, Harry Boddington, Andrew Hamilton, Jack Friend, Paddy Canterbury, John Reid
  • L6 - Austin Robertshaw, Harry Bloomfield, George Dart, Isaac Hydleman, Ben Clarke, Ben D'Entrecasteax, Josh Roberts, Luke Ricketts
  • Yr 11 - Ben Summers, Cam Seymour, Charlie Wilder, Ed Barlow, Austin White, Arthur Friend
  • Yr 10 - Will Klinkenberg, Karl Still, Ben Clarke, Bertie Frankpitt

Castle Track


11 Schools Competition at Millfield

Boys Results

Girls Results