Athletics 2012

Club Captain: Tessa Ryder NC/W
Boys' Team Captain: Bradley Upcott-Fowler FH/W
Girls' Team Captain: Katie Robbins NC/W

Athletics Report 2012

We have a great number of pupils who opt for athletics as a games option, with varying degrees of expertise and competence. All the pupils are required to train hard and it is always very pleasing to see how seriously the Blundellian athlete works on training days. Early season saw a great of deal of interval training on the track and for many of the senior athletes, jumpers and throwers in particular some hard work in the fitness suite.

Tessa Ryder was appointed Captain of Athletics Bradley Upcott–Fowler was appointed Captain of the boys team, and Katie Robbins as Captain of the Girls team. All three of these athletes were excellent at helping out our younger pupils during the season. Tessa and Katie both competed well in our early fixtures. All have given a great deal to Blundell’s athletics over the years.

School Pts. Pos.
Blundell’s 665 1st
Wellington 496 2nd
King’s Taunton 443 3rd
Taunton 365 4th

The first match of the season was against Wellington, Kings Taunton and Taunton. Blundell’s host this match, that this year we wanted to hold at the school athletics field. At the last minute we had to transfer the meet to the Castle Track at Taunton and this was of course the start of a very wet summer for 2012. Despite the weather Blundell’s athletes performed well: the Boys Under19 team came second but the boys U15, U17 and the girls over 16 and under16 teams all won. The final overall score was a convincing win for Blundell’s.

The following week we took an Under 20 boys team to Yeovil to compete in the Lutra Shield and a girls team and junior boys team to Millfield. At Yeovil we were well beaten by the likes of Millfield but our extremely young team made up of all different Year groups achieved numerous personal best times and distances and always competed with guts and determination. The 4x 400m team of Paddy Canterbury, Bradley Upcott-Fowler, Alex Scott and Will Scott coming 4th in a superb race epitomised Blundell’s tremendous effort throughout the meet. At Millfield the other teams also achieved numerous personal best times and distances. Blundell’s had nearly 90 athletes competing on this Saturday – athletics for all levels and abilities!

Student Discipline
Millie Blackmore 100m Relay
Paddy Canterbury 400m
Ben Clarke Javelin
Ben D'Entrecasteux Discus
Jack Friend 3000m
Holly Keevil 300m 
Corren Kvesic Javelin
Bethan Reade Javelin, Shot
Jack Webber 100m, 200m Relay
Edward Barlow 800m
Euan Friend 1500m
Arthur Friend Hurdles
Will Scott 400m
Cameron Seymour Triple
Alice Smith Javelin
Archie Stoneman 800m
Ben Summers 100m, 200m Relay
Eliza Tidball 100m, 200m Relay
Austin White Discus
Jenny Boylett Triple
Katie Robbins Shot
Alexander Scott 400m
Bradley Upcott Fowler 3000m
Elly Yard Javelin

In the middle of May the individual school athletic pathway starts with eventual qualification of the elite few to The English Schools Championships at the start of July. This year we entered 35 athletes into the Exeter and District trials, over 30 of these athletes were selected for Exeter District to compete against North Devon. In the final Devon trial Blundell’s had 24 athletes competing and six went onto represent Devon. As usual this was by far the most representatives from a Devon school.

Millfield Super 8
School Pts. Pos.
Blundell’s 2230 1st
Kings Bruton 2183 2nd
Millfield 2079 3rd
Sherbourne 2071 4th
Clifton 1963 5th
Wellington 1877 6th
Bryanston 1750 7th
King’s Taunton 1717 8th

In the English Schools Cup and Field Cup our Intermediate boys team made it through to the 2nd round stages but just failed to reach the final stages. A number of these athletes were involved in a new meet that we entered this year. The Millfield Super 8 competition is run along the same lines as the English Schools cup with athletes having to compete in two events. We did outstandingly well in this competition, there can be few times in Blundell’s history that we have beaten Millfield at track and field athletics.

Our Year 9 team consisted of Ben Summers, Cameron Seymour, Will Scott, Archie Stoneman (Yr 8), Finn Neusinger, Arthur Friend, Austin White, Ed Barlow, Alice Smith, Lucinda Canterbury, Courtney Nation, Tabby Unsworth White, Eliza Tidball, Georgie King, Amy Cross, Lizzie Fearnley. The highlight of the day was Archie Stoneman’s fall in the 1500m  putting him 30m behind the rest of the field but Archie did magnificently well to claw his way back and to eventually win the race. All these athletes should be part of a strong senior team in the future.

At Bryanston we were also very successful in the eight school meet winning the competition outright against Bryanston, Kings Taunton, Dauntseys, Sherbourne, Canford, Kingswood, Clayesmore and Milton Abbey. Our Senior boys were 3rd, Senior girls 2nd, Junior boys 1st and Junior girls 2nd.

Our senior athletes who contributed hugely over the season in no particular order were Jack Webber, Alex Summers, Paddy Canterbury Bradley Upcott Fowler, Tom Ricketts, Calum Findlay, Lewis Honey, Connor Barker, Andrew Hamilton, Rupert Batting, Ed Mann, Harry Boddington, Tom Woofenden, Alex Scott, Will Mildren, Suguru Saito, Tessa Ryder, Katie Robbins, Corren Kvesic, Holly Keevi Charlotte Routledge and Jenny Boylett, to name only some who have scored many points for Blundell’s athletics teams over the years.

At the end of the season our elite athletes competed for Devon in the South west Championships. This is an extremely high level of competition and once again Blundell’s having so many athletes involved is a considerable achievement and a real credit to the athletes and coaches. Ben Summers (100m 12.15) and Jack Webber (200m 23.96) just failed to reach their finals. Archie Stoneman who has another year in this age group came 4th in the 8oom in a time of 2.10.09. Ben Clarke threw 43.03m and also just missed out on qualifying. Will Scott ran a superb 400m in 56.03 seconds again just missing out on qualification. Alice Smith threw a P.B. of 35.56M coming second and gaining selection for Devon at the National Championships at Gateshead arena. Alice competed brilliantly well at Gateshead coming 3rd with a throw of 33.72m and gaining a bronze medal. She can quite rightly claim to be the 3rd best javelin thrower for her age in England, an outstanding achievement.

Intra sports

This year in order to try and get more interest from our year 13 pupils the senior sports was added to the calendar before half term. We certainly had more year 13 pupils involved but having the competition without the year 9 and 10 pupils took a little bit of the gloss off the occasion. Many thanks to all the staff and pupils who helped out magnificently well on the day.

Event 1st 2nd 3rd
100m H Ricketts (FH) 15.7 Daiki (P) 16.6 Findlay (FH) 17.6
200m Webber (FH) 24.7 Saito (P) 25.3 Dean-Segraves(OH) 25.5
800m Upcott-Fowler (FH) 2.19,6 Boddington (OH) 2.29,3 Clarke (FH) 2.30.2
100m Honey (P) RECORD 11.6 Ricketts (FH) 11.6 Love (OH) 12.0
400m Webber (FH) 57.3 Canterbury (OH) 58.0 Fitzgerald (P) 62.0
1500m Upcott-Fowler (FH) 4.49,4 Charteris (FH) 5.04,7 Rice (P) 5.20,7
4 x 100m P 49.5 OH 50.0 FH 50.1
Shot Keefe (P) 12.42 Hamilton (OH) 10.68 Ibrahim (FH) 10.57
H Jump Ricketts (FH) 1.80 Edge (OH) 1.60 Hancock (FH) 1.55
Discus Midren (OH) 30.49 m French (P) 29.94 Wonnacott (FH) 29.92
L Jump Ricketts (FH) 5.64 Hamilton (OH) 5.61 Honey (P) jt 2ND
Javelin Woofenden (FH) 40.05 Bodington (OH) 38.78 Bennett (FH) 35.79
T Jump Honey (P) 11.94 RECORD Edge 11.21 Hornby (P) 11.17
80m H Kvesic (GH) 16.5 Seymour (NC)16.8 Simonson (GH) 17.3
200m Keevil (GH) 28.8 Yard (NC) 30.8 Lewis-Plunkett (NC) 32.6
800m Routledge (NC) 2.47,3 Boylett (GH) 3.02,2 Cattell (GH) 3.12,4
100m Ryder (NC) 13.3 RECORD Scott(GH) 14.3 Edge (NC) 14.4
400m Ryder (NC) 69.4 Routledge (NC) 73.5 Keevil (GH) 74.7
1500m Reynolds(NC) 6.03.9 Boylett (GH) 6.41.6 Cumming (NC) 6.43.0
4 X 100m NC 57.9 GH 60.9 NC 62.3
Discus Robins (NC) 23.85 RECORD Lewis-Plunkett (NC) 20.29 Kvesic  (GH) 20.18
L Jump Keevil (GH) 4.33 Wilson-Date(GH) 4.13 Scott (GH) 4.02
H Jump Ryder (NC) 1.51 RECORD Free (NC) 1.30 Cattell (GH) 1.20
Shot Robbins (NC) 8.76 Routledge (NC) 7.73 Miles(GH) 7.41
T Jump Keevil (GH) 9.17 RECORD Boylett (GH) 8.29 Yard (NC)8.09
Javelin Kvesic (GH) 27.07 Yard (NC) 24.73 Boylett (GH) 23.40