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Athletics 2004

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Devon County Championships

The following have been selected for the Devon Championships: 23 competitors covering 34 events is another fantastic achievement - congratulations to all concerned.

Senior Boys 200m M.Cole
400m M.Cole
800m A.Tipping
1500m A.Tipping
High Jump K.Asare
Triple Jump K.Asare
Shot Put J.Spencer, H.Hare-Scott
Javelin M.Cole
Inter Boys 100m D.Wiseman
200m D.Wiseman
400m N.Rose
800m L.Ryan
3000m T.Frankpitt
100m Hurdles T.Henderson
High Jump N.Rose
Shot Put A.Murray
Discuss A.Murray, R.Lennox
Javelin M.Lloyd
Junior Boys 80m Hurdles M.Venables
Long Jump M.Venables
Discuss J.Eadie
Senior Girls Long Jump A.Steel
Discuss P.Karamonoia
Javelin A.Steel
Inter Girls 300m M.Raynor
3000m T.Pouncey
Long Jump S.Jackman
Shot J.Sumner
Javelin J.Sumner
Junior Girls 100m G.Gabbitass
Long Jump G.Gabbitass

Congratulations to the following who have been selected to represent
Devon at the South West Championships

Inter Boys 100m D.Wiseman
200m D.Wiseman
4 x 100m Relay D.Wiseman
400m N.Rose
Shot A.Murray
Discus A.Murray
Javelin M.Lloyd
Inter Girls Long Jump S.Jackman


School House
Sports Day 2004 Results

Inter-Field Competition

Gornhay 649
Amory 635.5
Beale 623.5
Mayfield 614

Victor Ludorum

Archie Miller 45
Hugh McDowell 44
James Knight 39

Victrix Ludorum

Lizzie Wessely 61
Katie Wiseman 44
Bess Menheneott 43