Athletics 2003

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Devon County Championships

The following have been selected for the Devon Championships: 24 competitors covering 30 events is a fantastic achievement - congratulations to all concerned - a clear statement of the strength and depth of commitment shown this term.

Senior Boys 100 m J.Mitchell
200m C.Gale, R.Griffiths
400m R.Griffiths, J.Mitchell
800m A.Slucky, J.Gillespie
1500m H.Courtenay-Bishop
3000m S.Renouf
110m Hurdles B.Sullings
Shot Putt O.Ylli
Discus B.Sullings
Javelin C.Sweeney
Inter Boys 400m D.Wiseman
3000m T.Frankpitt
High Jump K.Asare
Shot Put B.Martin
Javelin B.Martin
Junior Boys 200m C.Boy
400m E.Biggs
Senior Girls Long Jump R.Cotton
Triple Jump R.Cotton
 Shot Put E.Lennox
Junior Girls  200m J.Williams
 High Jump K.Meadows
 Shot Put A.Breitmeyer, J.Sumner
 Javelin J.Sumner