Athletics 2001

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A Blundell's athlete

The following members of Blundell’s Athletics Cadre have been selected to represent East Devon and further at athletics.


  • Lydia Allen, 100m
  • Jess Seymour, 800m
  • Alex Steel, Javelin
  • Mark Cole, 800m
  • Thomas Frankpitt, 1500m
  • Ben Martin, Javelin


  • Rachel Cotton, Long + Triple Jump
  • Jamie Mitchell, 100m
  • Tom Dorse, 1500m
  • Rhys Griffiths, 200m + 400m Hurdles.


  • Stephen Bisiker, 800m
  • Oliver Robert-Shaw, Long + Triple Jump
  • Brian Venables, 200m + 400m
  • Leon Berry, 3000m
  • Sam Westlake, Discus + Shot

Stephen Bisiker, Capt. 2001

Blundell's athletes

Meike Ziegler NC                Overall House Cup (Girls)
Hannah Robbins NC           Victrix Ludorum
Leon Berry FH                   Raymond Trophy & Mile Cup
Jemba Bull FH                   Overall House Cup (Boys)
Rhys Griffiths FH               Victor Ludorum (Intermediate)
Oliver Robertshaw OH        Victor Ludorum (Senior)
Simon Sobczak OH            Victor Ludorum (Junior)