POPE, Lawrence Kelway

9/389 Trooper, New Zealand Mounted Rifles (Otago Division)


Son of Horace Kelway Pope and Alice Mary Foot Pope, of "Highclere," Peartree Avenue, Itchen, Southampton.


Blundell’s School, “North Close” from the age of 14, September 1903 – Summer 1907.
He was a school monitor and left with an Open Exhibition to Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.


When he left Cambridge he went to New Zealand, returning with their expeditionary force.

The Offensive

Chunuk Bair was one of the main objectives in the Battle of Sari Bair, fought 6-10 August 1915. The attack was to be carried out by two columns of the New Zealand Infantry Brigade, starting from the outposts on the shore and proceeding up the Sazli Belt Dere and the Chailak Dere. Meanwhile the New Zealand Mounted Rifles were to clear the foothills. The New Zealand Infantry reached Rhododendron Spur, where they were joined by the 10th Gurkha Rifles, from further north, and reinforced by the 8th Welsh, the 7th Gloucesters, the Auckland Mounted Rifles, and the Maori Contingent. The Wellington Infantry and some of the Gloucesters and Welsh reached the summit, and were later joined by men of the Auckland Infantry and Mounted Rifles. These troops, after repulsing incessant Turkish attacks, were reinforced by the Otago Battalion and the Wellington Mounted Rifles.


Between 6th and 7th August 1915, aged 26.
Killed in action at Gallipoli.


Memorial 7 at. Chunuk Bair (Gallipoli) New Zealand Memorial.


Chunuk Bair Cemetery is in the Sulva Region of the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey and lies on a very severe slope approximately one metre below the road level.  Chunuk Bair (New Zealand) Memorial is on the north-west side of the Cemetery and is one of four memorials erected to commemorate New Zealand soldiers who died on the Gallipoli peninsula, whose graves are not known. This memorial relates to the Battle of Sari Bair and in other operations in this sector. It bears more than 850 names.


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