PADDISON, Henry Jepson, MC

Captain “X” Coy. 4th Bn., Worcestershire Regiment


April 1897 at Windlesham, Surrey.
One of four sons of Richard and Jane Milner Paddison, of Springfield, Tiverton, Devon. His father, “Pot” Paddison was a Master at Blundell’s School.


Blundell's School, entering at age 12 as a “Day Boy”; from January 1910 to Easter 1915. He was in the OTC and shot for the school at Bisley. He left the school on a Woolwich scholarship in 1915 to enter Sandhurst.


On passing out from Sandhurst, he was gazetted to the Worcestershire Regiment. Shortly after being sent to the front in June 1916, he won the Military Cross for gallantry in going over the parapet in broad daylight and bringing back a wounded comrade from close to the German wire, 150 yards out in no-man’s land. His citation was gazetted on 22nd September 1916 “For conspicuous gallantry during operations. He went over the parapet in broad daylight and brought in a wounded man who was lying 75yds from the enemy trenches and 150 yds from our own. The man was severely wounded and had to be carried a few yards at a time”. He was wounded twice during 1916, the first time in the hand and the second time seriously in the shoulder and did not return to the front until 1st May 1917 when he was soon given the command of another company and, on 17th July 1917 was gazetted to the rank of Captain.


16th August 1917, aged 20.
He was killed whilst leading his company in an attack.


1. B. 16.
Artillery Wood Cemetery, Ypres.



His headstone is at 50°50’N, 002°90’E.
The family chose to have the inscription “”.
The cemetery was begun in March 1915 and used until April 1918 by units holding trenches in the area. It was enlarged after the armistice and the memorial around it designed by Sir Reginald Bloomfield. The cemetery is located North–East of Ypres in the direction of Brugge.


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