Violin quartet in Chapel

Sixth Form The All-Rounder

The Blundell’s student is a true all-rounder. We want our students to focus on more than one thing at Blundell’s; the school is renowned for the extensive activities and sports programme. We are proud of the fact that we are seen as a school that develops the whole individual, with many strings to their bow. We want all students to develop their passions alongside learning new and exciting skills. Blundellians can choose to play musical instruments, sing in the choir, take a part in one of the many plays, whilst also running out for the first Hockey team and developing leadership within their House. The opportunities are endless.

Our students are made very aware of the benefits of living an enriching and varied life, and all realise how important it is to complement the academic drive in the classroom with a healthy and active life when the books are put to one side. A regular comment from those outside the school is how well-rounded our students are.