Biology experiment

Sixth Form Academic Rigour

The academic programme at Blundell’s is extensive with most subject combinations being possible. All students choose 4 A level subjects in the Lower 6th and have the option of dropping one subject as they move into the Upper Sixth. We also encourage students to take an EPQ – a project that allows them to develop the higher order skills that are demanded of in a successful university student.

With academic rigour forming the foundation of the 6th Form at Blundell’s, we aim to prepare each individual for the next step in their lives and equip them with the attributes that one would hope for in a successful young adult. Lessons are designed to push the student to their full potential, and we look to stretch each individual so that they can discover every possible pathway to future success. Class sizes are small, with the average Lower 6th class being 12 students, whilst Upper 6th classes rarely go above 8 students.

We recognise that the two years in the 6th Form are ones where the students take a tangible pride in their studies and realise, almost subconsciously, that they are now young adults, and they have big decisions that need to be made.