Minibus Routes, Charges and Timings 2018/19

Routes/Charges Departure/Collection Point Morning Evening
£7.85 per trip each way
Heathfield (ATS Depot)
- Newton Abbot pick up
7.25am 6.30pm
Chudleigh/Exeter Racecourse
£7.30 per trip each way
Chudleigh Slip Road 7.30am 6.35pm
Exeter Racecourse 7.40am 6.15pm
£7.30 per trip each way
Dart’s Farm 7.30am 6.25pm
£6.25 per trip each way
Cullompton 8.00am 5.55pm
£7.30 per trip each way
Tesco Car Park 7.30am 6.30pm
South Molton (Mole Valley Farmers) 7.40am 6.15pm
Moortown Cross (Picnic/Service Station) 7.55am 6.00pm
Exeter Valley
£6.25 per trip each way
St David’s Station 7.50am 6.15pm
Stoke Canon 8.00am 6.05pm
Ruffwell Inn 8.05am 6.00pm
£6.90 per trip each way
Galmington Trading Estate/Topps Tiles 7.30am 6.30pm
£6.25 per trip each way
Travelodge/Skylark Car Park 7.40am 6.20pm
Whiteball Garage 7.50am 6.10pm
£6.25 per trip each way
Somerfield Car Park 7.45am 6.30pm
Devonshire Dumpling Car Park 7.30am 6.45pm
£7.85 per trip each way
Sidford Car Park 7.15am 6.45pm
Hare & Hounds Sidford 7.25am 6.35pm
£7.30 per trip each way
Heathpark Service Station/LIDL Car Park 7.35am 6.30pm
Daisy Mount 7.45am 6.20pm
£6.25 per trip each way
Exmoor House Car Park 7.45am 6.15pm
Bampton Main Street 8.00am 6.05pm

Parents please note that minibuses do NOT run:

  • on the last day of half term or the end of term,
  • the start of exeat weekends,
  • on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.