Latin Prayer

Latin Prayer Autumn Term 2018

Monday 12th November 2018

Good morning everyone.

Whilst this weekend saw a big block of sports fixtures and included a memorable win for the 1st XV against Millfield, todays’ Latin Prayer will have a distinct cultural slant.  However, before we reflect on some of the cultural events from the week past and the week ahead, could I commend you all for the manner in which you conducted yourselves during the Remembrance Service yesterday and on Friday?  Last week in chapel Mr Radley and Mr Berrow spoke eloquently about the significance and relevance of the World Wars in the life of Blundell’s, and the manner in which we pay our respect to our fellow Blundellians is of great importance.  I thought that yesterday in particular, with so many guests present, was a memorable service and one that did justice to those whom we remember.  My thanks to you for your engagement with the event and most especially to Dr Leaman and the choir for their contribution.

On Wednesday we were treated to an exceptional evening of high quality music at the annual Music Scholars’ Concert.  The array of musicality on display from Year 7 to Year 13 was quite phenomenal and testament to the hard work and dedication our musicians put into their personal development.  This is work and effort that is behind the scenes, unsung, relentless and time-consuming, but it is what sets our musicians apart in their ability to time-manage, build relationships and develop their learning strategies.

One of the outstanding items was from the String Orchestra and Becky Hamilton performing Olafur Arnalds’ Tomorrow’s Song.  Dr Leaman took the A-level musicians to hear this Bafta-award winning composer in Bath recently and the music was so powerful that Becky wanted to play this piece as part of the Scholars’ Concert.  It is a slow, reflective piece and so please do allow your mind to drift wherever it pleases as we hear it in a performance this morning.


Thank you very much Becky – and I hope you enjoyed that.

As we focus on music this morning it is opportune for us to recognise the achievement of two of our outstanding Upper Sixth musicians.

Jack Armstrong Williams

Jack will be well known to all of you as a saxophonist of considerable ability.  He has the advanced facility to turn his saxophone into an extension of himself, producing a singing tone of exceptional quality and we are always fortunate to hear him when he plays for us at concerts or chapels.  This capability has been borne out of hard work and character, and Jack can often be found in the Music Department honing his skills or working on a new pattern of harmonic or melodic intricacy.  Outside of school he has devoted many hours to practising his craft at the South West Music School and the Junior Department of the Jazz Department of the Royal Academy in London.

Jack has been keen to develop his performing at every opportunity, recently playing two 20-minute sets for the Two Moors Jazz fundraising concert in the summer.  He plays at the Bridge Jazz Club in Exeter every month and has seized the opportunities to work on projects with world famous jazz musicians such as Dave Holland, Phronesis, Alex Garnett, NYJO and Ian Ballamy, among others. 

Jack’s contribution to music at Blundell’s is not limited to jazz and he has played some very high profile roles in school events, including a wonderfully grumpy grandfather in last year’s Peter and the Wolf as well as a singing sound in Copland’s Appalachian Spring with the London Chamber Orchestra.  Recently he has even pushed himself out of his comfort zone by joining the Chamber Choir. 

There is no doubt that Jack is a role model to all saxophonists, as well as plenty of other musicians in the school.  Last week he was offered an unconditional place to study Jazz Saxophone at the Royal Welsh College of Music and there is no doubt that he is fully deserving of Full Colours for Instrumental Music.

Lafitte Lo

Lafite is an exceptional trombonist, performing to a very high standard. He achieved his Diploma in Year 11, which is an extraordinary achievement considering this is a post Grade 8, university-level qualification.

In rehearsals and when working with others Lafite is always very considerate of his fellow players, helping younger pupils to progress and feel comfortable with challenging material.  This was particularly noticeable during his role as an ambassador on the Music Junction programme with the London Chamber Orchestra, and the orchestra wrote to say how impressed they were with his communication, patience and humility during the project.  His mentoring of pupils from three prep schools through the Blundell’s at the Zoo concert was also exceptional.

Lafite plays in the Orchestra and Big Band, sings in the Choir and Chamber Choir where he has unwittingly taken on the role of lead bass and coped remarkably well.  Outside of school, Lafite has been prepared to put himself on the spot in various national competitions and auditions and whilst it is a great shame that he seems to have been runner-up on too many occasions, to be competing at such a high level in the first place speaks volumes.  He is a dedicated musician who is always ready to take on an ambassadorial role and for these reasons Lafite is a worthy recipient of Full Colours for Instrumental Music.

Public Speaking

Congratulations to all the participants in what was a lively and entertaining round of Public Speaking competitions (both Junior and Senior). The standard of all of the performances was very high and ensured a healthily competitive atmosphere throughout both evenings. Well done all!


Winners - SH - Freya Gillard (Speaker), Nico Whyte (Chair) and Finnian Batsford (Questioner)

Best Speaker: Freya Gillard
Best Chairperson: Nico Whyte
Best Questioner: Finnian Batsford


Winners - NC - Elizabeth Curgenven (Speaker), Orlagh Noone (Chair) and Hannah Kidner (Questioner)

Best Speaker: Millie Davis
Best Chairperson: Orlagh Noone
Best Questioner: Erica Park


Josh and Georgie are going to bring you the main sports results from the weekend.

Sports Results

Hockey v King’s Hall
U13A               L          1 – 5

Hockey v The Downs, Bristol
U12A               W        5 – 0
U13A               L          0 – 5

Hockey v King’s, Bruton  
U14B               L          1 – 3     
U14A               D         2 – 2   
U15B               L          0 – 2   
U15A               L          1 – 3   
3rd                  W        4 – 1   
2nd                 W        4 – 2
1st                   L         1 – 5

Rugby v The Downs, Bristol
U12’s               W        5 – 2 (Tries)               
U13’s               W        5 – 2 (Tries)

Rugby v Millfield
U14B               L          17 – 52
U14A              W        47 – 19   
U15B               L          5 – 26
U15A               L          8 – 39  
U16B               L          0 – 50
U16A               L          10 – 26
3rd XV             L          5 – 62
2nd XV            D         17 – 17
1st XV             W        15 – 14

Cross Country
Top Ten Finishers in their races
Year 7 Girls
5th        Floss Crease
7th        Ruby Wetherall
Junior Boys (Years 8 and 9)
4th        Ben FitzHerbert
5th        Archie Guinness
7th        James Clarkson
Intermediate Girls
1st        Megan Hamilton-Strong
2nd        Mattie Kolowska
Intermediate Boys
6th        Kieran Williams
8th        Joseph Henley


We wish the U19 girls’ netball team all the best of luck as they compete in the County Round of the National Schools Competition.

Exeat is now just around the corner making this a shorter than usual week.  Please make the most of the quiet weekend to have a good rest.  When we come back it will be a short sharp three and a half weeks until the Christmas holidays.  It has gone very quickly but there is still lost to look forward to.

Kindness and Tolerance Week

I’m going to hand over to Luke, Tabby and the Monitors as they launch this year’s Kindness and Tolerance Week.


Bart Wielenga