16+ Scholarships and Awards

16+ Scholarship Dates (for entry in September 2019)

Scholarships / Awards Closing Dates
16+ Academic, Art, Drama & Sport Scholarships
Tuesday 6th November 2018
Wednesday 17th October 2018
16+ Music & Choral
Wednesday 7th November 2018

It is possible to have a combination of awards if a pupil shows the highest level of ability in two areas but they would be unlikely to total together more than the major award of 30%. The reason for this is that the charitable basis of the school demands that funds are conserved for bursaries which are on occasion awarded in addition to scholarships on a means-tested basis ( where specific forms have been submitted). An All-rounder Award may be offered to a pupil who demonstrates a high level of attainment in more than one award.

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are sat in November and will include a computer-based cognitive ability test (1 hour). Candidates are also asked to declare a specialist subject of their choice. This will usually be in a subject that they are seriously considering for ‘A’ level and should be selected from the following list:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • History
  • Geography
  • Religious Studies
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Latin

They will sit a 50 minute long exam on this subject. They will also sit a general paper consisting of two sections to assess a candidate's capability in English and Mathematics. Candidates are expected to achieve at least GCSE grade C equivalent in this paper.

They will also be interviewed.

Music & Choral Awards

Candidates will be selected based on their performance(s) on the music scholarship day, in addition to their interview with the Director of Music. Please provide a copy of the music score for our accompanist three weeks before the exam.

Candidates at 16+ should present an instrument or voice of considerable quality.  Two or more instruments may be presented, although there is no necessity to do so. Students are expected to have achieved beyond Grade 6 of the Associated Board and be at an equivalent of Grade 7 or 8+. Considerable importance will be attached to general musical knowledge, including aural ability and sight reading. Candidates will be required to play two contrasting pieces on their first instrument/voice plus another piece of their choice on their second. They may play a third instrument if appropriate. Music Scholars are expected to make a valuable contribution to the musical life of the School. Parents and Head Teachers are invited to contact the Director of Music for further information and advice.

Music Scholars are expected to make a valuable contribution to the musical life of the School by playing in at least one large ensemble as an instrumentalist and singing in the Choir. Choral Scholars are expected to sing in the Chamber Choir and partake in liturgical music in internal and external services.  We are looking for pupils who have a real passion for music coupled with an impressive talent; they will be committed to being involved in musical events in the School as well as at major venues in the South West and beyond. 

Our music award holders take a leading role in many areas, and have the opportunity of rehearsing or leading groups. We strongly encourage them to contribute ideas to be pursued and developed in the department.  Each Scholar has a tailor made programme to encourage their music making to flourish to the highest level.  This may include extra musicianship classes, chamber music rehearsals and masterclasses.

Sport Awards

Sports Awards are offered for excellence in sport. A Curriculum Vitae detailing the candidate’s sporting achievements must be submitted with the scholarship application form. School reports will be requested in support of the candidate’s application. Candidates' sporting ability will be tested and they will be interviewed. The sports skills and fitness of the applicants will be tested and they will also sit a computer-based cognitive ability test.

Awards will be made to those who will make an active contribution to the sporting life of the school. They will be expected to provide leadership at their own level and will have achieved or be of a standard to achieve representative honours at County, Regional or National level.

Art Awards

Art Awards are offered for excellence in art.  Candidates should bring a portfolio of 5 pieces of recent independent (non-GCSE) work and there will be a 1 hour observational drawing test. They will also be interviewed by the Director of Art.

Drama Awards

Drama Awards are offered for excellence in drama. Candidates should prepare in advance, a short monologue of no more than two minutes. Candidates will be seen individually for a further 5-10 minutes.

Foundation Bursaries

Blundell's is fortunate to be able to offer Foundation Bursaries to successful scholars whose parents need financial assistance to afford a place at the school for their son or daughter.

Assessment will be through the 16+ scholarship examination and a means test form (available from the Registrar's Office). Candidates are requested to visit the school before the closing date for the 16+ examinations.

For further information please contact Mrs T Frankpitt: -

Tel: 01884 232310
Email: t.frankpitt@blundells.org


16+ Scholarships & Awards

  • 16+ Scholarships


Current Information (PDF)
More detailed scholarship information is available in the Current Information PDF document.