13+ Academic Scholarships

Blundell’s is a school with a very strong record of academic success. We believe that educational excellence also needs to embrace moral, spiritual and cultural development, a quality here which the recent school inspection report rated as “outstanding”. Blundell’s is committed to encouraging and nurturing a genuine love of study and scholarship. The curriculum framework is complemented by a vibrant enrichment programme of lectures, seminars, conferences, academic societies, international exchanges, national competitions and masterclasses. Academic scholars who attend Blundell’s will leave with excellent examination results, a deep love of learning for its own sake, a powerful curiosity about the world, a sense of ambition and the very best chance of successfully following their chosen career path.

Academic Scholarship Categories

Academic Scholarships

These are awarded to candidates who display an all-round high level of academic prowess across the disciplines. The value of these awards is up to 30% of the chosen designation.

The A.V. Hill Academic Scholarship

Hill attended Blundell’s in the late 1800s, and went on to have a very distinguished career in physiology and operations research. He is regarded as one of the founders of biophysics and went on to win a Nobel Prize in 1922 for his research on mechanical work in muscles.

The A.V. Hill award is made to an individual who is outstanding in any of the scientific disciplines. The value of this award is up to 30% of the chosen entry designation.

Peter Blundell Foundation Bursaries

We are fortunate to be able to offer means tested Foundation Bursaries to successful Award applicants, whose parents need financial assistance in order to send their son or daughter to Blundell’s. With these bursaries, the Governors wish to reflect the spirit of Peter Blundell’s vision. Applications for any of the award categories must be accompanied by a notarised Statement of Financial Means form (available from the Registrar’s Office).

Selection Procedure

Candidates will be selected based on their results in a series of examinations. External candidates will have an interview with the Head. Examinations will be in the following subjects:

  • English – 1 hour
  • Mathematics – 1 hour
  • Humanities (History, Geography) – 1 hour
  • Science – 1½ hours
  • French, German or Spanish – 45 minutes
  • Critical Thinking  – 45 minutes
  • Second Language (Latin) optional – I hour

Candidates will be expected to attend the full school day at Blundell’s on both selection days; they will not be required to board, although we would encourage those considering boarding to do so.

Successful Candidates

Successful candidates will be those who score highly overall, although this does not necessarily have to be the case in every subject. Candidates may be considered if they show an exceptional ability in a particular subject area. Candidates are expected to possess good general knowledge, an appreciation and understanding of current affairs and a high level of intellectual curiosity. Blundell’s is looking for individuals with energy, an enthusiasm for learning and the drive to be an example to others in the school.

For further information please contact Mrs T Frankpitt: -

Tel: 01884 232310
Email: t.frankpitt@blundells.org


13+ Scholarships & Awards


Current Information (PDF)
More detailed scholarship information is available in the Current Information PDF document.