Full School Colours

Discipline Pupil
Hockey Millie Eaton-Jones
Rugby Sam Maunder

Full Colours at Blundell’s (and the right to wear the red/black striped Full Colours blazer) are awarded to pupils who demonstrate excellence in any of the following areas: Academia, Sport, Music, Drama, or All-Round Contribution.

In Latin Prayer, the Head presents the pupil with a written copy of a citation celebrating and describing their achievements, which is read out to the whole school. A letter and enclosed copy is also sent home to their parents.

Content is collated from any relevant staff who have supported, taught, coached or tutored the nominated pupil, and the citation also serves to share clearly and openly with the school community the level of achievement which has been required to win these Colours, as well as to invite them to recognise and celebrate their achievement as an individual.

We believe that this tradition contributes meaningfully to the supportive relationships between pupils, and between pupils and the staff, and the awarding of Full Colours is always very warmly received by the School.

In the case of Academic Full Colours, the pupil is required not simply to have demonstrated excellent academic attainment as an individual, but to have enriched the academic life of the school for others and/or represented Blundell’s externally in an academic field.

The citations provide a very good collective insight in to the achievements of the Gifted & Talented pupils over their career at Blundell’s across the full range of disciplines.

The table shows the Full Colours citations for the current Academic Year.

Sports Colours

Full Colours

Awarded for excellence in a sport or for a quite outstanding contribution to that sport.

As a guideline the pupil has reached a level equivalent to County standard on the field of play, or if failing to reach this level has shown a quite outstanding contribution to the sport within school, usually in the form of leadership. It is very likely that the pupil will have represented the school for at least two years at first team level. The pupil must be a role model for all pupils in the school and an ambassador for the school on and off the field. Full colours are usually awarded in the sports of rugby, cricket, hockey, netball and athletics; however in exceptional circumstances full colours maybe awarded in any sport.


  • Boy: blazer and tie
  • Girl: blazer and pin

Heads of Sport can nominate pupils for full colours. Names of those nominated for full colours must be submitted to the Head, Director of Sport and Houseparent. A full citation giving the reasons why the pupil should be awarded colours must be given to the Head. Whether a nominee receives Full colours is the decision of the Head.

Half Colours

Awarded for the pupil playing very well for the first team, outstandingly well at 2nd team level, or making a first rate contribution to that sport.

This is likely to be excellent Year 12 players or Year 13 players who have failed to reach Full Colour criteria. It does not exclude Year 11 pupils but this will be an exceptional award.


  • Boy: half colour badge and tie
  • Girl: half colour badge and pin

Heads of Sport can nominate pupils for half colours. Names of those to be awarded half colours must be submitted to the Director of Sport who will seek the approval of the Head for the award to be made. The Head will announce and award in Latin Prayer with shake of hand.