Physics Gifted & Talented/Enrichment

G&T/Enrichment Statement

In Physics we currently identify pupils as gifted taking into consideration input from teachers, students, parents and the scholars group. We host a number of enrichment events and these students are encouraged to attend. The events are also open to students who are particularly inspired by the subject of Physics. As academic staff we have differing areas of expertise and prepare enrichment activities within the laboratories accordingly, to help inspire and broaden students’ horizons. All schemes of work include differentiation for mixed abilities so that the most able students can be stretched and challenged within normal lessons. The following page details just a small taste of the enrichment we carry out here at Blundell’s in Physics.

Physics Awards

We award the Coles Memorial in Physics to the U6th student for outstanding performance throughout the two years of the A level course. In 2014, the winner was G.N. Williams who gained an A* at A-level, averaging 98% in his exams, which is a very impressive achievement on such a demanding course.

In Year 11 we award a Physics prize to the student who shows particular aptitude and enthusiasm for the subject. The winner in 2014 was Natalie Cotton who gained 200/200UMS in the Physics iGCSE and is now studying Physics at A level. In 2015 Natalie achieved 3rd place in the Newnham College Science Essay, writing on the subject of the challenges of space exploration.

Other notable recent successes during 2013-14 include:

  • Silver Award for Gus de Falbe in the National Physics Olympiad
  • Merit Awards for 9 Upper Sixth students in the A2 Physics Olympiad Challenge
  • Gold Award for Run Zhao in the AS Physics Olympiad Challenge
  • Gold Awards for JK Song and Natalie Cotton in the GCSE Physics Olympiad Challenge
  • Most Entertaining and Best Animation Film for Clym Montgomery in the National Physical Laboratory School Science Film Competition
  • Selection of Run Zhao to attend the Cambridge University Senior Physics Challenge
  • Winning of the Physics Society Safe Egg Challenge by Jethro Clark and Austin White
  • Six students gaining A* grades at A-Level
  • Three Physics students going on to read Science degrees at OxBridge

We hope their success inspires others to achieve in a technically demanding subject but one which is especially relevant in the modern world.


We continue to promote to our gifted students the following journals to help them to extend their reading around the subject of Physics:

  • Catalyst for GCSE level students
  • Physics Review for A’level students
  • Physics World
  • New Scientist

Physics Olympiad

For students, participation in a British Physics Olympiad Competition offers stimulating questions which show problem-solving potential of Physics in the real world. It is a challenge for the most able students. We enter three competitions suitable for students in Years 11-13 and will be running an activity slot in the Autumn term to help students prepare for the event.