Physical Education GCSE

Pupils can choose to do GCSE Physical Education during Years 10 and 11. This is a popular, useful and challenging course in which pupils study topics such as: health and fitness, training, diet and how sport is organised both locally and nationally. Pupils are also assessed in their own practical performance.


The course is divided into two sections: -

  1. Practical: 60%
  2. Theory: 40%

The pupils are assessed in four activities from a wide range of team games and individual sports.

In all four activities the pupil must demonstrate their ability to develop and apply skills/techniques in increasingly demanding situations. In addition they must demonstrate their ability to anticipate the responses of others and use this information to select skills, tactics and compositional ideas to adapt their own performance. Pupils will also be assessed in their ability to analyse performance accurately. Pupils will be expected to be competent in at least four sports.

Written Examination (1.5 hrs)

A written examination is taken at the end of the 2 year course. This incorporates a range of multiple choice, short answer and extended answer questions.

The course provides a comprehensive study of the basic science of sport, as well as offering pupils the chance to improve and excel in games.  It also provides an excellent grounding for AS/A Level Physical Education.