Music Academic

The Music Department is dynamic, forward thinking and diverse, the staff having specialities in historical analysis, composition, music technology and academia. Music is taught to all ages and we have good numbers for academic music at GCSE, A-Level and for Music Technology A-Level. Many of our pupils go on to read music at top universities and conservatoires as academics, composers or performers. We are extremely well resourced, with 12 practice rooms, 6 grand pianos including a Steinway, a 3 manual organ in the chapel, two Apple Mac suites running Logic X and Sibelius 7.5, as well as an industry standard Recording Studio. Trips and visits to major orchestras and chamber and jazz performers combine with visiting professionals in all fields of music, most recently Simon Allen, the international saxophonist who works with Jamie Cullum and was a member of the late Stan Tracey’s Quartet.

Music remains a well-respected academic subject which can provide an excellent route for all courses, be it music itself or science, humanity or mathematical based courses at the very top universities and as such the department aims to provide a first rate education in all areas of analysis, essay-writing and, of course, general musicianship.

Blundell’s offers considerable scholarships and exhibitions to musical students. Please click here for further details or contact the Director of Music for further information.

This has been as excellent a year inside the classroom as out, and following last year’s successful results we are pleased to announce that Music continues to perform above the Blundell’s average. There were five students taking AS Music this academic year, and they covered a wide variety of historical and analytical topics, from American Jazz to Mozart Horn Concertos. They all succeeded in performing wonderful recitals as part of the performance component, and came through the nerve-wracking viva voce element unscathed.

Music Technology has been re-launched as an A-Level subject with a successful AS year, and GCSE numbers remain healthy. Music for Years 7 – 9 remains engaging, fun and academically stimulating, providing our students with an excellent grounding in basic musical theory, performance practice and musical history.

Beyond this, the Year 8 cross-curricular morning held in conjunction with the German department was well received in covering so much ground, including German history, language and electronic music. Other cross-curricular activities are planned for 2015-16, including an acoustics workshop in conjunction with the Physics Department.


Local and National Successes 2014-15

Pupil / Group Event Achievements
Becky Brinkley National Youth Wind Orchestra  
Somerset County Youth Orchestra  
Devon Performing Arts Festival Woodwind Solo Grade VIII, winner
The Memorial Trophy for clarinet solo  
Chris Hamilton Devon Performing Arts Festival Organ Solo, winner
Organ Course  
Judit Lam 5th Hong Kong Youth Virtuosos Piano Competition Grade VII solo, winner
Emma Nelson Taunton Young Singer of the Year 3rd place
Taunton and Somerset Festival of Music and Drama Cleves Shield for Classical Vocal Solo
Cleves Cup for Folk Song Solo
Rosalie Sanders Taunton Young Singer of the Year finalist
Imi Sanders-Dutton Taunton Young Music Theatre Competition most promising young performer
Kieran Smith Devon Performing Arts Festival String Solo Grade VII, winner
The Cope Memorial Trophy for violin solo  
Laura Smith Devon Performing Arts Festival String Solo Grade V, winner
Adam Soul Royal School of Church Music’s Millennium Youth Choir  
Junior String Group Devon Performing Arts Festival Junior String Ensemble, winners
Advanced String Group Devon Performing Arts Festival Senior String Ensemble, winners
Big Band Devon Performing Arts Festival Senior Orchestra & Band, winners: The Wilkie Shield
Saxophone Quintet Pro Corda National Chamber Music Competition semi-finalists
Devon Performing Arts Festival Mountain Memorial Cup, advanced saxophone


School Colours for Music 2014-15

Half Colours Full Colours
Becky Brinkley Rowan Carew
Natalie Cotton Edward Nash
Chris Hamilton Emma Nelson
Jess Harvie  
Zoë Hitchens  
Rami Holzman  
Judit Lam  
Beth Squires  
Ed Taylor  

Congratulations to Emma Nelson who has been awarded a scholarship to study for her BMus (Hons) Vocal Studies at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.


ABRSM Examination Results 2014-15

(Summer term results pending.)

Pupil Instrument Grade Achievement
Callum Graham Piano 8 Merit
Lafite Lo Trombone 8 Merit
Judit Lam Piano 8 Pass
Silvia Mills Singing 8 tbc
Toby Whitehead Clarinet 8 tbc
Christopher Hamilton Violin 7 Distinction
Kieran Smith Violin 7 Distinction
Adam Soul Singing 7 Merit
Callum Graham Flute 7 tbc
Silvia Mills Singing 7 Pass
Rosalie Sanders Singing 7 tbc
Samantha Unsworth-White ‘Cello 7 tbc
Kieran Smith Piano 6 Merit
Harriet Nash Piano 6 Pass
Emma Nelson Piano 6 Pass
Samantha Unsworth-White Singing 6 tbc
Sophie Donne Singing 5 Distinction
Kieran Smith Singing 5 Distinction
Rebecca Hamilton Piano 5 Distinction
Ross Harvie Theory 5 Merit
Jessica Harvie Singing 5 Merit
Jordan White Singing 5 Merit
Toby Whitehead Piano 5 Merit
Nicole Charles Singing 5 Pass
Georgina Morris Singing 5 Pass
Imogen Cotton Piano 5 Pass
Ross Harvie Piano 5 Pass
Ennea Miller-Hunt Piano 5 Pass
Frances Hunt Singing 5 tbc
Julia Huntingford Saxophone 5 tbc
Amelia Low Singing 5 tbc
Poppy Davenport Singing 3 tbc
Imogen Cotton Singing 4 Merit
Rebecca Hamilton Singing 4 Merit
Laura Smith Singing 4 Merit
Laura Smith Piano 4 Merit
Amber Sharp Singing 4 Pass
Tabitha Vause Singing 4 Pass
Freddie Carew Piano 4 Pass
Sophie Clough Piano 4 Pass
Adam Soul Piano 4 Pass
Todd Brades-Payne Singing 4 tbc
Grace Chapman Singing 4 tbc
Serika Clemmow Singing 4 tbc
Rebecca Hamilton ‘Cello 4 tbc
Kata Lee Singing 3 Pass
Alice Lilley Singing 3 Pass
Harry Charlesworth Piano 3 Pass
Zoe Labdon Piano 3 Pass
Jonathan Lane Piano 3 Pass
Sophia Marr Piano 3 Pass
Matilda Huntingford Clarinet 3 tbc
Milly Moor ‘Cello 3 tbc
Jessica Whitehead Singing 2 Distinction
Olivia Cowap Singing 2 Merit
Kaitlyn Sellar-Elliott Singing 2 Pass
Bonnie Price Piano 2 Pass
William Honey Violin 2 tbc
Holly Nugent Clarinet 2 tbc
Grace Chapman Flute 1 Distinction
James Hutton Piano 1 Merit
Olivia Cowap Flute 1 Merit
Sparkle Menzies Piano 1 tbc


Trinity Guildhall Examination Results

Pupil Instrument Grade Achievement
Caspar Montgomery Drum Kit 8 Distinction
Addie Chai Drum Kit 7 Pass
Freddie Carew Drum Kit 6 Merit
Tom Kennaugh Alto Saxophone 6 Merit
James Pike Drum Kit [pop] 6 tbc
Jack Armstrong Williams Jazz Saxophone 6 Distinction
Molly Horsey Flute 5 Distinction
Felicity Charlesworth Alto Saxophone 5 Pass


London College Music Theatre Examinations

Pupil Grade Achievement
Henry Mules 8 Distinction
Natasha Nicholson 8 Merit
Imogen Sanders-Dutton 8 Distinction
Tabitha Unsworth-White 8 Merit
Rory Clark 7 Distinction
Kiera McMaster 7 Distinction
Elizabeth Morris 7 Merit
Georgina Scott 7 Pass
Millie Parr 6 Merit
Frankie Thornton-Wood 6 Pass
Sparkle Menzies 5 Distinction
George Stubbs 5 Distinction
Alfred Tse 5 Merit
Serena Mundy 4 Pass