Modern Languages KS3

Our aim is to foster a love for the language and an enthusiasm for learning it. We aim to teach skills to our pupils from year 7 to enable them to be able to communicate in the target language right from the start. We are committed to providing a full and thorough introduction and recognise the importance of a firm grammatical foundation if significant progress is to be made later. The wider issues involved in language-learning are also considered and time is spent on concentrating on the people, their country and culture and their position within Europe. Insights into life in the target language country and other countries are also provided through the use of authentic materials.

A second language, German or Spanish is offered to pupils at the beginning of Year 9, following taster sessions at the end of Year 8.

Each language has 4 timetabled lessons of 40 minutes a week.


French is taught to all pupils who enter the school in Year 7; our coursebooks are Encore Tricolore Totale 1,2 and 3.


Pupils who opt for German in Year 9 use the Michel Thomas course to gain a strong base in German.


Pupils who opt for Spanish in Year 9 use the Zoom textbooks.