Mathematics Years 7 and 8 (School House)

The transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 is a most important one in Mathematics. It is a time when pupils' understanding moves from the concrete to the abstract and they are beginning to appreciate the value of generalisation. In this way the seeds of algebra are being sown, both as a method for solving problems and for manipulating expressions.

The main focus for School House Mathematics is to master the numerical and algebraic skills fundamental to all branches of the subject, as well as developing problem solving skills and strategies. There are many opportunities for pupils to practice these skills; problem solving booklets in class, the ‘School House Problem of the Week’ and various challenges throughout the year.

All pupils are entered for the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge and we enter the UKMT Team Challenge, the team selected comprising two Year 9 pupils with two Year 8 pupils, making up the team of four to represent Blundell's.

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Years 7 and 8Years 7 and 8