Mathematics A Level

There are four A-level courses available in Mathematics, an AS Level, a full A-level, and for very able Mathematicians, Further Mathematics at either AS or A2 levels.

Students may choose to do a full A-level, over two years, comprising six modules, in Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, with courses in Mechanics and/or Statistics. Alternatively the AS Level, a half course, may be taken in a variety of fashions - over a single year, as a combination of Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and/or Statistics. Further Mathematicians can specialise in a chosen branch of Mathematics. An option too, is to do nine modules, providing an A-level in Mathematics and a Further Mathematics AS level, perhaps specialising in Statistics. In a recent initiative, we now also offer the Decision Mathematics modules, in certain sets.

We in the Mathematics department are very proud of the fact that, again this year, more Blundellians have chosen to do Mathematics as an A-level, than any other subject. This is undoubtedly a reflection of the success of the Mathematics Department at Blundell's – and at a time when nationally, the numbers of students choosing Mathematics has diminished. At 50 plus AS students this year, and 35 Upper 6th aiming to complete the A2 course, with nearly 30 Further Mathematics students, we have possibly the largest ever number of Mathematics A-level students at Blundell's.

Rob TurnerPeter Gordon


Every module is assessed by a one and a half hour written paper - three modules for an AS; another three for an A-level and a total of twelve modules for Further Mathematics.


A-level Mathematics is essential for entry to a Sciences degree, with Physics and/or Chemistry and Computer Science. It is strongly recommended for degrees in Medicine, Engineering, Economics and Business Studies, Architecture, Psychology, Veterinary Science and Accountancy.

Mathematics is also now regarded as a very useful subsidiary in many degree courses, together with Modern Languages, Humanities, Biology and Sports Science.


It is highly recommended that students following an A2 Level or AS Level Mathematics course have succeeded in the GCSE Higher tier, with a B grade at the very least; an A or A* grade is, however, recommended. Algebraic skills are vital for success at A-level.