Mathematics A Level

The A-level Mathematics course is a two-year program and consists of both pure and applied mathematics. Pupils will do two-thirds of the course in pure mathematics and the remainder split between statistics and mechanics. There are no longer any options at A-Level.


The A-Level course runs over two years and is examined at the end of Yr13.

A-Level Maths (Edexcel) Assessment Overview
Pure 1 2 hours, 100 marks
Any pure maths content can be assessed on either paper
Pure 2 2 hours, 100 marks
Mechanics/Statistics 2 hours, 100 marks
Section A: Statistics (50 marks)
Section B: Mechanics (50 marks)

The A-level Further Mathematics course is a two-year course and runs alongside the A-level mathematics course. Pupils studying Further Mathematics will also have to study Mathematics. The Further Mathematics contains a large proportion of pure mathematics and also provides students with a choice of options in applied or more pure mathematics.

Further Mathematics A-Level

Further maths students will sit both Maths and Further Maths, at the end of Yr13.

A-Level Further Maths (Edexcel) Assessment Overview
Paper 1:
Core Pure Mathematics 1
1hr 30mins, 75 marks
Compulsory Any further pure mathematics content can be assessed on either paper
Paper 2:
Core Pure Mathematics 2
1hr 30mins, 75 marks
Paper 3:
Further Mathematics Option 1
1hr 30mins, 75 marks
Currently we offer options in:
  • Further Pure Mathematics
  • Further Statistics
  • Further Mechanics
Paper 4:
Further Mathematics Option 2
1hr 30mins, 75 marks

For our Further Mathematics students, there is also an opportunity to participate in the UK Maths Challenge and the Team Maths Challenge.

In 2018, we achieved 7 gold certificates, with 2 pupils advancing to the British Olympiad round.

Our Senior Maths Challenge Team are regional champions and will be competing in the national finals in February 2019.

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Every module is assessed by a one and a half hour written paper - three modules for an AS; another three for an A-level and a total of twelve modules for Further Mathematics.


A-level Mathematics is essential for entry to a Sciences degree, with Physics and/or Chemistry and Computer Science. It is strongly recommended for degrees in Medicine, Engineering, Economics and Business Studies, Architecture, Psychology, Veterinary Science and Accountancy.

Mathematics is also now regarded as a very useful subsidiary in many degree courses, together with Modern Languages, Humanities, Biology and Sports Science.


It is highly recommended that students following an A2 Level or AS Level Mathematics course have succeeded in the GCSE Higher tier, with a B grade at the very least; an A or A* grade is, however, recommended. Algebraic skills are vital for success at A-level.