History Year 7 Heraldry Projects

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Year 7 recently have been studying the way battles were fought in the Hundred Years War between England and France. They have been looking at coats of arms and exploring the way different symbols were selected by different noble families. They then designed their own coats of arms using the medieval heraldic code. Some of the best are explained here.

Cara's coat of armsI chose to do this design for several reasons. Firstly each of the colours mean different things and overall it shows a large variety of things. Red means brave and strong, green means hope, joy and love, blue truth and loyalty and finally gold means generosity. All of these colours show that the warrior has a lot of good things about him. The colours are not the only thing that signifies something as the pictures do too. The anchor represents hope, the lightning represents swiftness and power and lastly the red roses show faith and beauty. These things are all something a good warrior would want to have.


Grace's coat of armsI chose a castle to represent safety. I also chose a tree trunk to represent new life sprouting from the old. The rainbow represents good times after bad. This is similar to the meaning of the tree trunk. That is the reason as to why I chose these symbols because put together they are a very strong combination. The red rose represents grace and beauty. I chose this symbol because my name is grace so therefore it represents me! The lightning bolt represents swiftness and power and finally the sword is a symbol of honour!


Jack's coat of armsI chose all these colours and symbols because I think that’s who I am. I chose the colours blue, red, green and silver because blue means truth and loyalty. Also the green means hope and joy. Red means a warrior and also silver means peace and sincerity. I chose the lightning bolt because it means swiftness and power. The spear means an honourable warrior and the words ‘AWESOMENESS AND GREATNESS’ to describe myself!


Jake's coat of armsI chose this shield colour because it means hope and joy and also the red means a warrior, brave and strong but generous. The spear is honourable and valiant and the lightning bolt is swiftness and power and the wings mean protection. Also at the bottom I have put a Latin phrase that means power and speed which is in connection with the other symbols.


Jodie's coat of armsI chose this design for a couple of reasons. I chose the colour red because I think that a warrior or knight has to be brave and strong but also generous to its people. I also chose Gold because it means generosity. I also put the dragon blue and green because blue means truth and loyalty and green means hope, joy and love. I also chose the dragon because it represents bravery and protection. I think that this important for warriors to be brave. I also have chosen a horseshoe for good luck and a safeguard in battle. In the centre of my coats of arms there is a white rose. This represents faith and love. I think that an army should love and respect each other and keep faith in each other. Finally I added two lightning bolts; this represents swiftness and power!


Kitty's coat of armsI chose these symbols because lightning means swiftness and power, sword means justice and honour, snake stand for wisdom and bow and arrow stands for readiness in battle. I chose red because it stands for a warrior, brave and strong. Gold is generosity.


Max's coat of armsThe reason I have chosen this because it stands for Warrior, Brave and strong but also generous. In my eyes, I think of this as someone who is strong in battle but also strong in heart.
The six pictures I have chosen.

  1. The bow and arrow: This stands for readiness (in battle), so for me this means you’ll never say no to a challenge and you’ll always be prepared.
  2. The Lightning Bolt: This stands for swiftness and power, so you’re light on your feet but strong at the same time; perfect for battle.
  3. The Bear: This stands for strength, cunning and protection towards one’s own skin. This is very good. Strength, smartness and defence as well.
  4. The Hand: This stands for sincerity, faith and judgement. This (all added together) means wisdom, a key element in WAR.
  5. The Dragon: This stands for protection. In battle it’s all very well to be able to attack, but what is the point if you can’t defend when the enemy is fighting you back.
  6. The Oak Tree: This stands for wisdom, as I said, a key element in battle.


Oz's coat of armsI chose the colours blue, red, green and black.
Blue means Truth and loyalty.
Red means strong warrior.
Green means hope and joy.
Black means constancy – never giving up.
A horseshoe means good luck.
A battle axe means military duty.
Lightning bolt means swiftness and power.
A horse means readiness for battle.
The sun means glory and splendour.


Rory's coat of armsThe reason I chose the gold is because if you are generous to your army they will do well in battle. I also chose the snake/serpent which means wisdom. This is useful because it is another word for in experience so I could be in experience about the people I am fighting so I know there strengths and weaknesses. I chose the anchor which means hope this means my men will keep on fighting so if I do die I will go down honourably. I chose the sword because it gives justice so I could earn allies. I also chose the bow and arrow which mean reediness for battle so I will be armed and always ready. I chose the bull (it means bravery) because if I and my men are brave we will be able to take risks and beat the enemy. I chose the battle axe (which means military duty) because I will do what has to be done as well as the men.


Victor's coat of armsOn my shield I chose a wolf (which represents reward after great endeavour) and a peacock (which means knowledge and power) for the symbols because I think they work very well together because I will endeavour to have power and knowledge then I will be rewarded for doing so.


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