English KS3

The study of English is both transactional and cultural: Blundellians learn to be more broadly literate, appreciating our heritage and learning to love reading for its own sake.

To this end, all classes study from each of the three genres of prose, poetry and drama every term, pre-C20th "classics" as well as modern works (at least two Shakespeare plays will be read over the five junior years), also following the development of English through the ages. The National Curriculum is closely followed, entailing examination of the layout, persuasiveness and style of non-literary and media texts, as well as opportunities for creative writing.

Speaking and listening activities accompany textual exercises and all pupils learn to explain, inform, describe, analyse, review, comment, narrate, explore, imagine and entertain both orally and on paper.

English classes are in bands from Year 7, following a common Vocabulary and Comprehension test. Those with special problems or needs may receive attention from the EAL or Learning Support Departments.



There are also many opportunities for creative writing in a variety of forms, many pieces of which are displayed within the department, published in the school magazine or entered for national competitions.

All pupils in Years 7 & 8 follow the newly introduced Accelerated Reader programme. It is the most popular and successful reading product of all time, making essential reading practice more effective for every student.