Drama KS3

Year 7

  • Introducing Drama
  • Physicalising text (body language, visual imagery)
  • Mime
  • Vocalising text (how words can be spoken to convey mood and character)
  • Ensemble performances (rehearsal process, technical & performance elements

Year 8

  • DramaStorytelling (how playwrights & actors engage audiences, how physical gestures and images contribute to story)
  • Greek Theatre (unified action, choral speaking)
  • Shakespeare (conventions of Elizabethan Theatre, working with the language, bringing the basic plots to life)
  • Melodrama (introduction to the genre, practically exploring actions and mannerisms of stock characters)
  • Realism (introduction to the genre, analysis of techniques and experimenting with own piece of realistic drama)

Year 9

An introduction to GCSE skills, working from script & devising. Students also explore the roles of the designer.

  • Improvisation
  • Forum Theatre
  • Devising (covers Stanislavski & stage-combat)


  • Years 7 & 8 – 1 x double lesson per week
  • Year 9 – Creative Arts rotation (based on students options)