Computer Science GCSE

Computing is of enormous importance to the economy, and the role of Computer Science as a discipline itself and as an ‘underpinning’ subject across science and engineering is growing rapidly. An ICT lesson in the Popham CentreComputer technology continues to advance rapidly and the way that technology is consumed has also been changing at a fast pace over recent years. The growth in the use of mobile devices and web-related technologies has exploded, resulting in new challenges for employers and employees. For example, businesses today require an ever-increasing number of technologically-aware individuals. This is even more so in the gaming, mobile and web related industries and this specification has been designed with this in mind. Students studying this specification will learn how to create applications that:

  • run on mobile devices
  • operate in a web enabled environment.

In addition they will:

  • learn how to create simple computer games
  • gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts around creating software applications
  • have opportunities to work collaboratively.


Unit 1 Practical programming
Controlled Assessment 50 hours
60% of the marks
Unit 2 Computing fundamentals Written Paper 1.5 hours
40% of the marks

Further Course Information

  • More details of the course can be found on the AQA website, here.