Chemistry KS3

In Years 7 and 8 Chemistry is taught to all pupils according to the requirements of the National Curriculum and the syllabus for Common Entrance.

In Year 7 the approach is directed towards problem solving and practical investigation but opportunities are taken to introduce chemical principles in an increasingly formal way as the year progresses.

In Year 8 the trend towards increasing formality continues but as many ideas as possible are introduced through laboratory-based practical work.

KS3 pupils
Year 8 team at the Salters Challenge at The University of Bath in May 2017

We have noticed that many published teaching schemes seem to be designed to be used in a classroom rather than a laboratory. To us, this seems a great pity - we make practicals an essential part of what we do and all lessons are taught in a laboratory.

The laboratories are spacious and well–equipped, with computing facilities readily available.

Year 8 dry ice experiments

Dry ice experiment with Mr Uddin

There is supposed to be a video of dry ice