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We see the department as a place where practical work should be an integral part of the courses. We have good laboratory facilities that are available for all lessons and have a lecture theatre containing a digital projector. The department has a set of laptops for class-based data-logging activities.

Chemistry U6 leavers, 2015
2015 U6 leavers

Our courses are popular within the school and we are proud of a fine record in examinations.

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Chemists on Top

Congratulations to Yuli Lu, Francis Huntingford and Toby Whitehead who represented the school at the Royal Society of Chemistry's Schools' Analyst Competition for the West region and won. Chemists on TopThey had some tough competition including Exeter School, Bristol Grammar School and Cheltenham Ladies College. This is a great achievement for the Blundell's team and for the Chemistry Department, as it is the second successive year that the school has won this event.

They now go on to represent the West of England at the national finals, to be held at the University of Keele in June, when they'll be competing against 18 other schools from around the country for a Challenge Shield – and are hoping to do as well, if not better, than last year's Blundell's team who were second in the national competition. At the final, they are required to undertake various practical tasks based on problems relevant to industrial or social needs. The tasks are judged on skill, understanding and accuracy and are intended to promote team work and safety in the laboratory.

Blundell’s Chemists at National Final

Congratulations to the team of Natalie Cotton, Bethany Squires and Chris Hamilton (all Year 12) who were awarded the runners up prize at the Royal Society of Chemistry's National Schools' Analyst Competition final. They qualified earlier this year by winning the regional round against some stiff competition from Exeter School, Kingswood Bath and Cheltenham Ladies College. The final was held at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen where the Blundell's trio finished in second place against a pool of 20 other schools, all of whom had won their respective regional competitions.

Andy Mead, Head of Chemistry at Blundell's, said "This result is a fantastic achievement for the pupils who showed immense skill, application and, perhaps most importantly, teamwork to finish above the other 398 schools that entered the competition back in January. The Royal Society of Chemistry have recognised their achievement by awarding £600 to Blundell's Chemistry Department and £30 in Amazon vouchers and certificates to Natalie, Bethany and Chris."

Chemists through to the National Final

Talented Year 12 chemists will be representing the West at a national competition later this year, having just won the regional heat. The team of Chris Hamilton, Natalie Cotton and Beth Squires finished first in the Western Regional heat of the Royal Society of Chemistry's Schools' Analyst competition, ahead of schools such as Exeter, Cheltenham Ladies College and Kingswood, Bath.

They will now go on to the national finals at Aberdeen University in June to compete against schools representing the seven other regions, when they'll be required to undertake various practical analytical tasks based on problems relevant to industrial or social needs. These are judged for skill, understanding and accuracy and are intended to promote team work and safety in the laboratory.

Gus de FalbeInternational Chemistry Olympiad March 2014

This year, 7 of our top A-Level Chemists voluntarily took the International Chemistry Olympiad paper. This paper is designed to stretch and challenge the brightest of Upper Sixth students and there is always a wide range of marks. With 5682 students entering the competition, 24% achieved a Silver award and 7% achieved a Gold. I am delighted to declare that Jim Bremner, Tanya Doroshenko, Elliot Finch, Christie Wang, George Williams all achieved a Silver Award with Gus De Falbe (below) achieving a Gold. This is the best result in this competition for many years and the pupils involved can be thoroughly proud of their achievements.

Gus De Falbe – International Chemistry Olympiad Golf Award.