Chemistry Gifted & Talented

Classroom teaching and School environment are powerful influences on student behaviour and learning. Within Chemistry, we provide opportunity for every child to seek out and engage in learning at a level beyond that required by mainstream curricula. We nurture gifted pupils’ natural curiosity and this, in turn, achieves excellence.

Gifted and talented pupils have significant ability in some or all of the following areas:

General intellectual ability, Specific academic ability, Creative Thinking, Leadership ability

The Chemistry department thrives on facilitating the provision of opportunity for all. This positive learning environment provides many opportunities for pupils to perform at a level of excellence, which defines gifted and talented.

We enjoy close links with Bristol University Chemistry Department. Pupils attend competitions and seminars at Bristol and we enjoy lectures here at Blundell’s, including an excellent demonstration from Tim Harrison, the University’s Bristol ChemLabS School Outreach Coordinator.

The Chemistry Department provides opportunity in all these areas via a variety of mechanisms.


We are fortunate to have the academic expertise and facilities to introduce pupils to a variety of imaginative experiments. These provide the perfect opportunity to challenge expected outcomes and present pupils with opportunity for creative problem solving, metacognitive skills, developing higher level creativity and of course – having fun. All that we do is linked to the fundamental principle upon which curiosity thrives – thirst for knowledge.


The department subscribes to New Scientist, Catalyst, Chemistry Review, Education in Chemistry, The Week, National Geographic and many other RSC publications, all of which are readily available to pupils.


Caffeine Extraction Workshop – Bristol University – November 2017

Caffeine extractionIn November 20 of our most talented Year 11 students visited the University of Bristol. The Blundell’s students worked with three postgraduate Chemists as they extracted the caffeine from a breakfast tea bag. The students used a number of techniques, using apparatus costing millions of pounds. The day was essential experience for the young scientists and most importantly gave them a real insight into undergraduate Chemistry at a top University. The students were fortunate to enjoy an impressive seminar lecture from a young postgraduate Chemistry researching nano-treatment for Spina bifida before being treated to Tim Harrisons famous demonstration lecture.

Spectroscopy tour – University of Bristol 2016

Our U6 chemists had the opportunity to visit the University of Bristol's Spectroscopy labs to further their understanding of Analytical Methods for studying compounds. The toured the department and listened to short workshops from some of the best postgraduate chemists in the UK.

Spectroscopy tour – University of Bristol 2017Spectroscopy tour – University of Bristol 2017

Spectroscopy tour – University of Bristol 2017

Blundell’s Science Society

Chromium III oxide catalysed oxidation of ammoniaThe Blundell’s Science Society is made up of passionate Year 12 students who are keen to enthuse the next generation of 6th form Scientists. With the assistance of the teaching staff, the society run workshops, competitions and entertainment opportunities for their peers and the younger science students.

The new crop of society members will be elected in January 2017 with at least 1 representative from each Science.