Chemistry GCSE

In Year 9 some care is taken at the outset to merge the experiences of those who come from various scientific backgrounds elsewhere and those who have been through our own Junior Department. For the first few months the pupils are introduced to fundamental ideas of atomic structure and chemical bonding and the importance of the Periodic Table. Later in the year emphasis is on the use of symbolic chemical equations to describe a wide variety of chemical reactions and an introduction to organic Chemistry. All this leads to a firm foundation of theory and fact upon which to building experience necessary for high performance at GCSE examinations.

Demo with Mr Mycock
Demo of properties of liquid nitrogen

Throughout the course, Chemistry is taught by graduates who are fully involved in teaching the subject through to University entrance standard. We are therefore confident that progression is guaranteed and pupils can learn the skills, facts and essential ideas at appropriate times in their development. All lessons are taught in well-equipped either laboratories, most of which have both wet and dry areas, ideal for practical work.

Whoosh bottle   Whoosh bottle   Whoosh bottle
A favourite end-of-term demo: igniting a water bottle containing a methanol
atmosphere mixed with boric acid to produce the visible green flame.

We teach both the Edexcel GCSE 9-1 specification. The believe this course is ideal to provide our students the best preparation for further study at A-Level if desired.

The Edexcel GCSE Chemistry is made up of 9 Topics, which will be examined in two 105 minute written papers taken in the summer term when the pupils are in their final year of the course. Students will also have to complete eight mandatory core practicals throughout the course.

GCSE Chemistry is very popular within the school and we are proud of a fine record in examinations.

2017 GCSE   2016 GCSE   2015 GCSE
A*-A 51% A*-A 67% A*-A 63%
A*-B 76% A*-B 80% A*-B 89%
A*-C 87% A*-C 95% A*-C 100%