Design and Technology Key Stage 3

Design and Technology, in the early years, is an exciting interactive subject that integrates pupils of all levels and abilities through a varied range of projects and activities. Both boys and girls will work, at times, as part of a group whilst also developing individual skills in all areas of the subject in their own project. In years 7 and 8 all pupils are taught one double period of Design and Technology each week. This continues into year 9 with the exception of those pupils who take Latin. Over the course of the three years all pupils undergo a range of termly projects which cover a range of designing and technological skills which fully prepare the students for GCSE Resistant Materials or Graphic Products in year 10/11.

Projects include traditional metalworking and woodworking based experiences whilst also focusing on the new computer based facilities at times to give a fine balance between the old and the new. Whilst contemporary techniques of CAD/CAM are taught the pupils will also practice long established and time honoured practical skills which should give a sound all- round approach to problem solving in the future years.

The following projects are examples of pupils work in the programme that we are following this year.

Year 7

Year 7 CAD/CAM Memory Stick Project

This is an immediate launch into designing and manufacture using the CAD and CAM facility in the design studio. Pupils will encounter modern methods of designing and making a product of their own design and will work in plastic from the outset. By designing and drawing the final design, which is made on a Computer Numerically Controlled machine, they will work through the design process from the identification of a need through to the evaluation of a product.

Year 7 Tea Light Holder in Copper and Oak

Pupils are encouraged to experiment with the working properties of copper and to design a functional candle holder that is both aesthetic and safe. The project focuses on soldering as a joining process and on design using both hand generated techniques and also Computer Aided Design.

Tea Lights

Year 7 Art Deco Clock in a variety of Timbers

Pupils will gain an awareness of the Art Deco movement and apply this style to their work to appreciate the role of past designers and the influence of style and fashion when designing. Creativity of design features and the use of texture and colour of different timbers gives pupils an insight into aesthetics by natural means as well as form and function.

Art Deco Clocks   Art Deco Clocks

Year 8

Year 8 Metal Scrolling Project

This project is a traditional metal working approach to an aesthetic product of the pupils own design. Each individual will identify the need for a product that is suitable to be manufactured from this manufacturing process and will design a final solution for it. Cold forming techniques, pop riveting and welding are all incorporated to produce the final artefact which is again of the pupils own design and development.

Metal Scroll

Year 8 Electronic MP3 Player Speaker

This practical focussed task involves the pupils using electronic soldering techniques and following a circuit on a printed circuit board. Each individual will then design a suitable casing using vacuum forming in High Impact Polystyrene to house the product and make it individual and personalised.

MP3 Player Speaker

Year 8 Mechanical Toy Project

This project is an introduction into mechanical engineering in its basic form and pupils will discover and implement how to convert different forms of mechanical movement in an amusing and functional mechanical toy. Overcoming friction through a pair of bearings they will design a mechanism that uses a cam and follower to create movement in an automata that should be visually stimulating and interesting.

Mechanical Toy

Year 9

Year 9 Dovetail Box Project

This is a purely traditional box construction with the addition of a decorative lid produced on the Computer Controlled Router. The dovetail jointing on the corners of the box gives the pupils an insight into the need for accuracy in measuring, marking out and cutting accurately to produce a strong and aesthetic construction. Each pupil will analyse the need for a container and design it for a specific purpose.

Dovetail Box

Year 9 Packaging Project

This graphics based projects involves the need to design and create the suitable packaging for a product. Topics such as corporate identity, logo creation and slogan design are covered in addition to the design of a box container for a product and the point of sale material for the final outcome. Their design is produced using 2D CAD software and then sent to a printing/cutting machine before being assembled.


Year 9 Summer Term Project

During this term the pupils will make their GCSE options which will be based on their achievements and aptitude throughout these foundation years. Girls and boys with potential at this stage are encouraged equally to embark on either a course in Resistant Materials or Graphic Products depending upon their aptitude towards manufacturing or the presentation of information. However, all the year nine pupils will then finish the course with a suitable open design brief which gives them a larger degree of design input into the project. Last year we invested in a plastic recycling plant which has enabled us to convert all the school’s plastic waste into useable and aesthetic plastic sheets. The pupils have been encouraged to design a functional product using this material in an open brief was centred around the theme of this recycled material.