Careers Information, Advice and Guidance

At Blundell’s we are committed to the provision of innovative and flexible ways to help the students make informed choices about their futures, develop the skills required to enhance their employability and contribute positively to the world they live in.

Young people need support in four main areas to help them make wise choices about their progression through learning and work:

  • Careers education – a planned programme in the curriculum that helps them gain the knowledge and develop skills for planning and managing their careers
  • Work related learning – experiences within the curriculum and outside school which help them learn about, for and through work
  • Personalised support and guidance – help for individuals to enable them to review, plan and manage their learning and progression to the next stage
  • Careers guidance – help from specialist advisers with knowledge of opportunities and the pathways to and through them, so they can identify their long-term goals and plan steps to attain them

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The Department

The department is situated centrally and open throughout the school day. It offers:

  • A well-resourced Careers Library
  • IT suite
  • Careers office

Students and parents are encouraged to use the facilities of the department and to take advantage of the professional advice and guidance either by request or referral.

Careers dept   Careers noticeboard

Parents are also informed via:

  • Academic forums held prior to parents meetings in Years 9 to 13
  • Department mailings/newsletters
  • Webpage resources


Information, Advice and Guidance Programme

In the Sixth form students follow the ‘Futures’ programme alongside the new enrichment sessions. In addition to the PSHE aspects this includes:

Meeting a police officerWork experience debrief, developing employability skills and competencies, higher and further education, study abroad, apprenticeships, UCAS, university and employer open days, insight courses, gap years, broadening horizons, action plans, MOOCs, building a CV and personal statement, admissions tests, applications, mock interviews.

Specialist mentoring programmes run for Medics/Vets and Dentists, Oxford and Cambridge applicants and US/Canada universities.

There is also a wide range of visits, from and to, both employers and higher/further education institutions.

Upper Sixth

Post-18 briefing, university/college open days, mock interviews, student finance, UCAS – decisions, confirmation and clearing, gap year fair...

Lower Sixth

Work experience debrief and presentations, skills and potential, leadership, post-18 options, Unifrog, UCAS, apprenticeships, employment, taking a year out, university/college open days, Extended Project Qualification, UCAS convention, personal statement, curriculum vitae, careers tasters.

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In Year 9 students will:

  • Continue to explore the World of Work and The EconoMe
  • Use the Real Game
  • Take part in a Challenge Programme to learn about business practice
  • Begin to investigate employability skills and log their experiences
  • GCSE options advice
  • Use KUDOS – an impartial guidance programme that allows students to explore careers and learning pathways based on their interests and aspirations.

In Year 10 students will:

  • Continue working with KUDOS
  • Build on Employability Skills
  • Write a CV
  • Have the opportunity to find out about specialist areas such as careers in law, medicine, veterinary, STEM subjects and the creative arts.

In Year 11 students will follow Open Doors within the PSHE and Tutorial programme in addition to organised events. This includes:

  • the Morrisby online psychometric assessment and research
  • a 1:1 guidance discussion
  • post -16 options
  • Various IAG and Careers website
  • Work Experience
  • Employability Skills Day
  • Introduction to the sixth form
  • optional attendance at careers events
  • National Citizenship Service talks
  • A Level Options advice

Mentoring Events provide an opportunity for current students to network with parents, OB’s and employers.

Mentoring Programmes are in place for students interested in applying to Oxford and Cambridge, to the USA and Canada or for Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry.


The Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Marine and Royal Navy Liaison Officers visit regularly. Any student may book an individual interview, attend an advice session and arrange visits and Look at Life work experience courses.


OB Applications

Blundell's School is happy to support any post-A Level application for University or GAP year programmes/employment. An online system is available here (and via the OB Club home page) for this.

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