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The Business department participates in the 'Young Enterprise'.

Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made. Entrepreneurship is a skill that can be taught just like any other. That’s why Global Entrepreneurship Week is so vital right now. To inspire thousands of people to pursue their ideas, to create jobs and to build global ambition among young people and business owners alike. Peter Jones, entrepreneur and Enterprise UK Chair

Young Enterprise 2012-13
Young Enterprise 2012/13

Business Studies Department involve themselves fully in the Young Enterprise scheme. It is a nationwide charity that places business volunteers into schools across the UK to help aid their financial and business skills. With our first Young enterprise assignment well underway pupils are looking forward to the launch of their latest product. Watch this space...

Young Enterprise


The Economics department participate in a very high profile national competition called 'Target 2.0'.

Target Two Point Zero - the Bank of England and The Times Interest Rate Challenge - gives teams of students age 16-18 the chance to take on the role of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee, assess economic conditions and the outlook for inflation and tell panels of judges what monetary policy they would set to achieve the Government's inflation target of 2.0%.

Year Team Progress Pos. Photos *
2008 J. Gibson (Capt), J. Smith, Arcadie Cotruta, Amy Wong Regional heats - Target 2.0, 2008 Target 2.0, 2008
2009 V. Lio (Capt), J. Li, A. Pardy, J. Eadie Area Final 3rd Target 2.0, 2009
2010 D. Malcolm (Capt), J. Manning, G. House, M. Page Regional heats 2nd Target 2.0, 2010 Target 2.0, 2010 Target 2.0, 2010
Target 2.0, 2010 Target 2.0, 2010 Target 2.0, 2010
2011 A. Routledge (Capt), Q. Zhang, A. Dawson, C. Gare Regional heats - Target 2.0, 2011 Target 2.0, 2011 Target 2.0, 2011
2012 M. Oddy (Capt), M. Seymour, J. Granfield, A. Everett      
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