Biology News GCSE

Biology Challenge Award March 2013

Year 10 are all currently sitting the Biology Challenge Award. This involves two 30 minute test papers on all aspects of Biology, not just those related to the GCSE course. This is everything from cells and enzymes, to genetics and even identification of various animal skulls and teeth!

Students can visit for further information.

The top 10 highest scores from this year were (in order) Jenny Mettam, Natalie Cotton, Jonathan Bell, Christopher Hamilton, Ellie Ansell, Sophie Bateman, Jess Harvie, Ollie Mitchell, Tabi Unsworth-White and Cormac Oliver.

Well done to all Y10 students, we hope that some of them will receive awards for their efforts.


Heart Dissections February/March 2013

Year 11 are currently learning about the Circulatory System, specifically how the heart and blood vessels work together so naturally we dove in head first with a heart dissection.

Year 11 worked to identify the external anatomy of the heart before opening this carefully to reveal the valves and chambers internally. They were then able to trace the path that blood takes through the heart on its way to the lungs and then to the whole body.

Some had a lot of fun with this practical!

Year 11 Heart DissectionsYear 11 Heart Dissections

Year 11 Heart DissectionsYear 11 Heart Dissections


Judit Lam - Y10 designs some artwork for Biology March 2013

Year 10 student, and gifted artist Judit Lam has started producing artwork of Famous Faces in Biology and Nature.

Here are some samples of her work in progress.

Judit Lam's David Attenborough art   Judit Lam's David Attenborough art

We hope to see the finished article soon and that we can persuade her to continue with more famous faces.