Biology Key Stage 3

Biology is taught as a separate science to Years 7 and 8 by subject specialists. We follow the Common Entrance syllabus, which is based on the National Curriculum.

In Year 7, the focus is on exposing pupils to as many of the different varieties of life on Earth today; this is supported by two field trips in the Autumn Term – Paignton Zoo and Goodrington Sands. Pupils will also study: cells, tissues, organs and systems; human reproduction and inheritance; habitats and the environment.

In Year 8, pupils currently study: the dynamics of ecosystems; digestion and nutrition; breathing, circulation and respiration; skeletons and muscles; plant structure and function. These topics are supported through trips to Plymouth Aquarium and the Eden Project.

Key Stage 3 biology lessonKey Stage 3 biology field trip
Key Stage 3 biology

Many practical investigations are carried out so that pupils have the chance to use biological principles as well as learning them. They also develop essential laboratory based investigatory skills for future studies in science. There is also opportunity in Years 7 and 8 to build in some class projects, including hatching and rearing chicks, pond sampling, field work studies around campus, as well as participating in some basic dissections; worm, frog, rat, eyeball.

The rural setting of the School lends itself to ecological investigations and a variety of specimens can be obtained. We are also lucky enough to have the space for several animals both indoors and out; students in Y7 & 8 can join the Science Club and participate in many different experiments and investigations with the opportunity to learn to care for our animals; currently fish, axolotl, giant African land snails and stick insects.

The department is fully wireless networked, and we have multimedia projectors and Smart Boards, as well as interactive microscopes and a set of laptops so that IT can be frequently used to aid teaching and learning. All students are given individual access to a large library of electronic resources which are used as lesson support, revision aids, research material and extension work. These are interactive and can be highly tailored to meet the individual demands of our pupils.