Biology Key Stage 3

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Biology is one of the broadest and most important subjects in the world today. Put simply, biology is the study of life. Our School House curriculum encompasses everything from the molecular study of life processes right up to the study of animal and plant communities.

Biology is taught as a separate science to Years 7 and 8 by subject specialists. Our program of study is based on the latest KS3 National Curriculum and Common Entrance Syllabus. Maths, literacy and working scientifically are embedded throughout to develop our pupils’ key skills, ready for GCSE.

CSI DayFrog dissection

Our aim is to enthuse pupils and foster an interest in Biology, so we include as many practical investigations and hands on experiences as possible to enhance our curriculum. Our 5 laboratories are very well equipped and we make use of our large campus to carry out ecological field work and plant cultivation. Pupils also have the opportunity to participate in some basic dissections, from worms to frogs, rats and eyeballs. We also take pupils on field trips to locations such as Goodrington Sands, @Bristol and the Plymouth Aquarium.

The rural setting of the School lends itself to ecological investigations and a variety of specimens can be obtained. We are also lucky enough to have the space for several animals both indoors and out; students in Y7 & 8 can join the Science Club and participate in many different experiments and investigations with the opportunity to learn to care for our animals and cultivate plants in our allotment and botanical garden.

ExperimentIn Year 7, pupils study the topics: Cells, Structure and function of body systems and Reproduction.

In Year 8, pupils currently study Health and lifestyle, Ecosystem processes and Adaptation and inheritance.

The department is fully wireless networked, and we have multi-media projectors and Smart Boards, as well as interactive microscopes and a set of laptops so that IT can be frequently used to aid teaching and learning. All students are given individual access to a large library of electronic resources which are used as lesson support, revision aids, research material and extension work. These are interactive and can be highly tailored to meet the individual demands of our pupils.