Sustainability in Art

The Art department is acutely aware of the need to educate our pupils about the Environment and we are actively and increasingly engaged in developing an awareness and appreciation of issues such as Conservation, Sustainability and Innovation through a range of approaches. Our aim as a department is to be a beacon of good practice for our community and to inspire positive sustainable behaviour, not just through our teaching but also through our management and engagement with local communities.


  • ‘Art from Waste’ Projects – Junk Art/Art Povera, Tony Cragg, Antony Gormley (Link: BBC News)
  • Seascapes SOW – Use of gathered Card from packaging.
  • Mixed Media – Gathering of used objects and discarded newspapers etc.


  • Beaford Arts G&T Courses (Link: Beaford Arts)
  • Broomhill Sculpture Trail
  • Landscape Photography – Local streams and school grounds


Use of materials – recycle canvas, packaging for palettes, recycled newspaper and cardboard, acrylic not oil based paints, local suppliers where possible. Trips limited/local/ trains/ coaches. Bring artists to Blundell’s. Energy saving in Art dept – Computer switch off timers, lights off policy. Colour coded bins – waste/recycling. Handbook – digital not paper, plants in the classroom. Natural ventilation and working outside in the environment.

Use of card to paint with as tools/ limiting use of plastics/ using paper plates not plastic palettes. Water jars – jam jars and recycled collected card cups from CR.

Use of scrap wood and waste products from school maintenance department/ gardeners to display and frame works.

Recycling materials from unclaimed projects in previous years.