Gifted & Talented (Art Scholars)

The ethos in the Art Department is very much focused on inclusiveness where pupils with a broad range of abilities are encouraged to express their individuality, extend their potential and in many cases exceed expectations. The subject aims to foster independent thought, curiosity and creativity in all.

  • Pupils who display exceptional ability are identified early on (from Year 7) by their teachers and added to the Art Gifted and Talented register.
  • Schemes of work created by the Art Department (yrs 7-10) and increasing by the pupils (yrs 11-13) differentiate between mixed ability groups through project selection, individual tutorials and through outcome.
  • Art Scholarships are offered to internal and external pupils and assessed at 13+ (Spring Term) and 16+ (November). See more about 13+ Art scholarships and 16+ Art scholarships.
  • Art Scholars and Art G&T combine to form the SAS group (Special Art Status) for whom specialist enrichment activities are organised (these are also open to interested invited pupils and staff).

WORKSHOPS Painting, willow sculpture, pinhole photography, Wire Sculpture, Watercolours, Ceramics.

TRIPS RA, NPG, NG, Saatchi, V&A, Prague, Venice.

EXHIBITIONS Saatchi Schools, RA online, Exeter College Yr 10 Exhibition.

COMPETITIONS Saatchi, RA National Society of Wildlife Photography. Architectural Drawing RFACT + Kingston University Drawing Summer School.

Art Scholarships

Art Scholarships are offered at 13+ and 16+ to exceptionally talented pupils. Applications are made through the Registrars' office.

Assessment is made by interview, a portfolio of recent work, and an observational drawing test. Candidates are expected to be able to talk lucidly about their own work and their involvement in the subject outside of school lessons. ALL candidates (even internal) must submit a letter of support/reference from their Art teacher before the assessment.

For further information, see about 13+ Art scholarships and 16+ Art scholarships (PDF docs).