AS/A2 Art and Design Photography

Photography workThis course is an extension to GCSE Photography and although no previous knowledge of either Digital or Dark Room techniques is required a B Grade at GCSE in an Art subject is required for success. With a mix of both independent study and teacher-led instruction learning the history and basics of camera operation, darkroom developing and Photoshop CS3 manipulation, a themed project is chosen by the students for their Personal Investigation. A high level of independent thinking, time management and pro-activity is required to secure a top grade.

The students are encouraged to explore their own ideas and interpretations as much as possible whilst appreciating and analysing other cultures and the work of other artists. Keeping an exciting and up-to-date sketchbook/portfolio of work is fundamental to the course and a vital record for assessment. Photography workInspiration is taken from trips to galleries (London, Exeter, Venice), location shoots, workshops from visiting artists and the excellent resources facility in the department.

It is expected the student will organise opportunities to take photographs in their own time between lessons, to generate enough evidence of their own ideas and required developments independently. Studio shoots can be arranged with the teaching staff between timetabled lessons if required.

A Coursework Portfolio represents 60% and the exam externally set project is worth 40% with a six-week preparation period. Students must have access to their own SLR digital camera and at least a 2GB memory stick. 35mm film cameras can be loaned from the department. There is an individual charge for some specialist materials and A2 colour printing.

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