AS/A2 Fine Art

The course is run as an extension to GCSE Art (B grade at GCSE desirable) and after a period of teacher-led instruction developing further skills in Drawing, Painting Sculpture, Printmaking and Digital Photography/Photoshop CS3 manipulation, a themed project is set for which a high level of independent thinking and initiative is required. The focus for the course is Experimentation and Research skills. The students are encouraged to explore their own ideas and interpretations as much as possible whilst appreciating and analysing other cultures and the work of other artists. A 2000 word investigation into an area of interest is part of the coursework.

Keeping an exciting and up-to-date sketchbook is fundamental to the course and a vital record for assessment. Inspiration is taken from trips to galleries (London, Exeter, New York, Amsterdam), workshops from visiting artists and the excellent resources facility in the new Popham Centre. A Coursework Portfolio represents 60% and a 5 hour exam project (15hrs for A2), which has a six week preparation period, 40%. Lifedrawing classes are also part of the course and culminate in a Royal Academy day-long drawing workshop. Individual tool boxes are provided and cameras can be loaned out from the department. There is an individual charge for some specialist materials and A2 colour printing. To read the full course guide click here.

Exam Board:

AQA (link)

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